Amy is the Founder, Marketing and Booking Manager at Cru6. Amy has been obsessed with makeup since she was roughly 9 years old, breaking the rules at school and showing up with a full face of makeup on. Amy began makeup professionally in 2011 when she was asked to do makeup for a photoshoot for FAJO Magazine, where she has since done makeup for celebrities like Ben Mulroney and Arlene Dickinson. Amy lives for dramatic makeup, dabbling in body painting and SPFX, but also sees the beauty in barely there glam. Amy recently completed her MBA in marketing and after 5 years of  freelancing and recent work at MAC Cosmetics as a Makeup Artist, decided to launch Cru6.


For Dylan, hair has always been about expression. Dylan has always been an artist at heart, and when he discovered hair as a medium, it merged his love of painting, colour and working with his hands with his love of people, fashion and energetic, social atmospheres. Creativity and culture sit at the core of everything that Dylan is passionate about, and after almost a decade working on different levels of the industry and with a multitude of wonderful artists, he still finds himself challenged, inspired and moved by what beauty, fashion and people can do. Dylan is positive, outgoing and loves creating new things with new people.